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Published on: December 31, 2009


Arnfinn Jomar Andersen (2005).

Friendship and relationships in a heteronormative culture of change.

The project Friendship, modernity and change aims, based on the perspective of friendship, to analyze how new ways to create trust in our society help to transform / destabilize the categories that are produced within the framework of gender and sexuality. The project is based on, among other things, Giddens thesis of the book Modernity and Self Identity (1991). It argues that closeness / intimacy has become a central discourse able to create trust in a society where the production of society is built on the individual’s ability to flexibility and restructuring. Individual’s affiliation to the institutions have become subordinated and new mechanisms of affiliation are being created. This will challenge, among other things the industrial society, the organization of the distinction between family / work and  private / public. (Translated from Norwegian at

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